About Us

10-Spot Tools happened all of a sudden when I made myself a socket insert and posted pictures of it on reddit.  Yadda, yadda, yadda, everybody wanted one and now I'm permanently banned from r/milwaukeetool.

I was teaching math in Brooklyn when I started the business, but it grew so quickly that within 1 year I had to move on to pursue it full time!

We run a rapidly expanding print farm of Prusa Mk3s+ and XL, Bambu P1P, P1S, X1C, and A1.  We have a total of 36 printers and 4 humans on staff.  Here's the gang!


Albus    Brenda    Carlisle    Digby    Eustace    Fredo    Galahad    Hela    Ickus    Jarvis    Karloff    Lucifer    Mandrake    Nando    Parker    Roderick    Samsonite    Tipton    Ubu    V.V.    Willow    Xander    Yondu    Zero    alexis    bambadjan     calliope    david    edgar    frankie    gaspode    hambone    iorek    jacobim    kaa   leeloo
Pete - Owner/customer service/designer/printer namer and repairer.  Never leaves his house.
Christian - Night shift/latch captain.  10-Spot OG fulfillment extraordinaire. Might be a robot.
Brian - Morning shift/cardboard czar.  Has a case of the Mondays, every day.
Joey - Our first full-timer!  Is not a self-respecting southerner but can still cook a grit in 5 minutes flat.  
Kat - Emotional support/web design/patient wife.  Captain of the 10-Spot pickle ball team.