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Jonah Pope

Packout Insert For M18 Gen 4 Drill and Impact Driver - Jonah Pope Design (JP-18DID)

Packout Insert For M18 Gen 4 Drill and Impact Driver - Jonah Pope Design (JP-18DID)

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This is a custom insert that I have designed to fit your Milwaukee Packout to store your Gen 4 M18 Drill & Impact Driver. It specifically fits the Milwaukee 48228435 PACKOUT Compact Organiser.

These are the specific tools the insert is designed for:



There are two variations of this design that are provided for you to pick from. One is the standard version (which is seen in the photos above) and the other is a mirrored version. The standard version accommodates your tool if you have your driver bit holder attached on the same side as what is seen in the photos above (the right side when holding the tool)

The mirrored files accommodate users who instead have their driver bit holder mounted to the opposite side (the left side when holding the tool). This way, you can pick the file that ensures that your bit holder is facing down when placed in the Packout.

I've done this so that I could maximise the height of extra storage that is hidden underneath the tools and allow for even more storage of extra kit.


Please note that both these skins won't fit in the Packout with the Belt Hook attached. It is physically too tall for the Packout internals even without the insert.

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