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Jonah Pope

Slimline Packout Drawer Insert for M18 FUEL Multi-Tool - Jonah Pope Design (JPD-18MT)

Slimline Packout Drawer Insert for M18 FUEL Multi-Tool - Jonah Pope Design (JPD-18MT)

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At 10-Spot Tools, we print the Jonah Pope Slimline Drawer inserts as single parts!

This insert has room for:

  • M18 FUEL Multi Tool (2836)
  • 8-10 rectangular blades
  • 8-10 round blades
  • Can be combined with slimline organizer tubs in the same drawer to hold a variety of other accessories!

It fits in:

  • 2-Drawer Packout (48-22-8442) (1/3 of 1 drawer)
  • 3-Drawer Packout  (48-22-8443) (1/3 of 1 drawer)

From the designer:

This is a custom insert that I have designed to fit your Milwaukee Packout Drawers to store your M18 Multi-Tool (FUEL). It specifically fits the Milwaukee 2 & 3 Drawer units (48-22-8443 & 48-22-8442).

This is the specific tool the insert is designed for:

Slimline - The Super Compact Modular Drawer System!

My "Slimline" Packout Drawer system is dedicated to storing the slimmer Milwaukee M12 and M18 tools. Drawer inserts for wider tools like the M12 Pin Nailer require half the drawer. Whereas more compact tools like the M18 Multi-Tool can fit in a much smaller footprint. With these 2 systems, you can truly maximise every part of your drawers!

I developed this extra system to work in addition to my larger Drawer inserts that support those wider tools that require half the drawer. Each new tool insert designed for the "Slimline" range will have 3 custom file variations included to accommodate your insert on either the left, middle or right section of the drawers.

Features - Super Flexible Design

  • Maximum Storage Space - x3 Files variants included to support the left, middle or right section of the drawer (pre-split or single part print files included for each). These files custom designed to each section of the drawer ensure you maximise the usable storage space.

  • Blade Storage - Designs specifically to store as many supplies as possible. There's the two main dividers/tubs on the side, but there's also storage space under the tool itself! The drawer is deeper than the thickness of the tool, so I designed in space under the tool where additional supplies can be stored without interference as the tool is raised up.

  • 2 & 3 Drawer Support - The inserts have been designed to be compatible with both the 2 and 3 Drawer Packout units. They will be most effective when used in the 3 Drawer units as that is what the depth of the insert has been based on, although they will still fit the 2 Drawer if you'd prefer.

Important Notes:

  • Stock Milwaukee Drawer Dividers - Since this is a fully custom contained storage system, there's no need for the stock Milwaukee Drawer Dividers. These dividers would waste space which would allow for expanded storage space inside the inserts. Please remember that you can't use these inserts and the stock dividers at the same time.

  • Slimline VS my Standard Drawer Inserts - As the "Slimline" Inserts split the drawer into thirds this won’t be cross compatible with larger drawer inserts that split the drawer into halves if they’re in the same drawer. Simply designate a drawer for containing Slimline or Standard drawer inserts. Designs for the “Slimline” system are labelled with the blue logo seen on the thumbnail or in the title above.

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