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Packout Insert For 3/8" 56-Piece SAE/Metric Socket Set (ST-56)

Packout Insert For 3/8" 56-Piece SAE/Metric Socket Set (ST-56)

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This insert is designed to hold the 3/8" drive SAE/Metric Ratchet and Socket Mechanics Tool Set #48-22-9008, but will fit any similar socket set.

It includes a small tray to hold the extensions and swivel on top of the smaller deep sockets.

This insert fits in the 48-22-8436 low profile 5-compartment packout organizer. 

We now offer labels to identify which tool is in which case.  Labels are sold at a discount when purchased with matching insert, and are available in either gray or black.  Please see pictures.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Ratchet area need a little bit more spacing if you are using a non Milwaukee racket. Some of the deep well don’t fit easily. I had to use a slight bit of dremel work to make a couple of the deep well and ratchet to fit and not get stuck

Wiliam Napier
Just Okay

It is functional but could be improved. I also did not receive the extension and swivel tray.

Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry that you never recieved the extension and swivel tray. As is said on our website, we'll make it right! Please email us at with your order number and we'll get you squared away.

Justin Beer

Hard to give a review on a product that im still waiting for. im sure the insert will be fine but wouldn't order from this site again as its not worth the wait.
I have no idea why you wouldn't just sell the file so it could be printed from anywhere im sure you'd make more money

The order was printed and shipped within the alotted timeframe. You contacted me to help you figure out the tracking. I responded quickly to show you how to track with the second carrier. After that you said not a word to me and a couple days later you leave a 1-star review because you don't have your package yet. I'm sorry that packages take a few days to get from the US to Australia but I think you'll agree that's outside my control.


The inserts don’t have stops so the sockets get pushed down into the insert. The tray for the extension seemed to be an after thought. If it had only been $15 I probably wouldn’t be so critical but it was $45 plus $10 shipping and I asked the company not to send it and just refund but they never replied to me.