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Jonah Pope

Packout 2-Drawer Insert For M18 Compact Router - Jonah Pope Design (JPD-R)

Packout 2-Drawer Insert For M18 Compact Router - Jonah Pope Design (JPD-R)

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This is a custom insert designed by Jonah Pope Design to fit your your Milwaukee Packout 2 Drawer unit and store your M18 router. This design ONLY fits the Milwaukee 2 unit (48-22-8442).

This is the ultimate modular storage solution for your Packout Drawers! The specific tool the insert is designed for:

Modular Design - Battery Storage Options:
The design allows for storing a 5ah battery. If you don’t want to store a battery in your insert, you have the option to store your dust extraction mount in the battery tub should you chose. The default spot for the extraction mount has a hole in the bottom to allow it to rest on the bottom of the drawer and ensure the drawer can close as it would be too tall otherwise. As such, files are provided for a small cover that allow you to cover that hole in the event you want to use that spot for general storage. You can see a demonstration of this in the gallery above (the image is captioned as "Storage Options Demo."

Modular Design - Router Bit Tray:
The Straight Edge Guide sits underneath the secondary top insert that houses the router bits and battery. As such, the knob on the Straight Edge Guide protrudes upwards hence the hole in the bottom of the router bit tray. I have provided files for 2 different router bit tray thicknesses so that you can pick what best suits. If you want to use every possible hole, it is recommended you print the thicker one. If you don't mind sacrificing a couple of hole locations and printing the thinner tray, that is also an option.

For holding your router bit in these trays, you naturally want them to sit securely with a nice friction fit but still be easily removable. To ensure you can achieve this, a file is included that's labelled "Driver Bit - Tolerance Test." This file simply has a range of holes in different diameters that are labelled. You can print this to determine which size hole you would like to use.

Important File/Design Info:
Files are provided for having your insert on the left side only. At this time, the unique nature of the Router and all its varied accessories meant that It's not just a simple task to mirror the 3D model for providing a right-side option. Therefore, currently files are provided just for having the insert on the left side. Also, as stated above, this insert will ONLY fit in the 2 drawer Packout unit. The router skin does not fit in the 3 drawer. This is why I designed it exclusively for the 2 drawer unit where it does actually fit. This allowed me to create a unique multi piece design.
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