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Jonah Pope

Packout Drawer Insert for M18 Brad Nailer - Jonah Pope Design (JPD-18BN)

Packout Drawer Insert for M18 Brad Nailer - Jonah Pope Design (JPD-18BN)

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From the designer:

This is a custom insert that I have designed to fit your Milwaukee Packout Drawers to store your M18 FUEL 18 Gauge Brad Nailer. It specifically fits the Milwaukee 2 & 3 Drawer units (48-22-8443 & 48-22-8442).

This is the specific tool the insert is designed for:

(American model # is 2746)

This is the ultimate modular storage solution for your Packout Drawers! I have taken the time to include options for 60 different removable organiser tubs that you can insert to organise your brad nails and other kit!


Super Flexible Design:

I've taken great care to ensure that you can store your Brad Nailer in both the 2 drawer AND 3 drawer Packout units! If you are using the belt hook, you will need use the 2 Drawer Packout.

If you don't use the belt hook, the Brad Nailer & insert will fit in the 2 and 3 Drawer Packout. You just can't fit the nailer with the belt hook in the 3 drawer, the hook just sits way too high for the drawer to close.

If you do use the belt hook, options are included to accommodate either side of the tool that the hook is mounted to.

If your belt hook is on the same side as what is pictured above (the left side) you will need to print the "Standard" files. If your belt hook is on the opposite side of the tool, you will need to print the "Mirrored" files which are the same designs except mirrored. This ensures that your tool will sit in the insert with the hook facing up.

Also, please do not glue the left and right inserts together in the centre. There is supposed to be a gap as seen in the photos here. This is intentional allows for some flexibility due to manufacturing variations on the sizes of drawer internals.


The Brad Nailer Insert will only fit the 3 Drawer Packout if you print the "Standard" files. The "Mirrored" inserts won't be able to fit, This is due to the nailer/tool being asymmetrical. The nailer fits perfectly with the "Standard" files as the protruding section sits down in the valley between the ridges present in the bottom of the drawers. When using the "Mirrored" insert in the 3 drawer Packout, this protruding part of the tool now is facing upwards and will prevent the drawer closing as it is a shallower drawer.

This shouldn't be an issue though, if you don't use a belt hook, then you would be printing the "standard" files already.


This insert is available with or without removable tubs for nail storage.  Tub A goes toward the back of the Drawer and Tub B goes toward the front.


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