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Packout Insert For M18 Compact Router (PORC)

Packout Insert For M18 Compact Router (PORC)

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This insert is designed to hold:

  • M18 Compact Router 2723
  • Battery up to 8.0 -or- extra bit holder
  • Large Base Plate (will only fit the 5-compartment organizer)
  • Edge Guide
  • Dust Collection Adapter
  • Bit Wrench
  • Thumb Screws 
  • Up to 25 Router Bits (depending on size)

It can fit in:

  • 5-Compartment Organizer 48-22-8435
  • 11-Compartment Organizer 48-22-8430 (Large Base Plate will not fit)

The design does not require you remove the base plate of the router or the bit you had in it for storage, but it does exert a slight pressure on the lid of the packout when closed.  This does not prevent the lid from closing or other packouts from locking into it.

We now offer latches to identify which tool is in which case.  Latches are offered at a discount if purchased with a matching insert.  You can select (2) 5-Compartment latches or (1) 11-Compartment latch.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Very nice craftsmanship in this insert, works perfectly!

Jason Miller
Love this insert for the packout

This fits perfectly and they added additional space for more router bits per my request.

Great quality and service.


The insert fits perfectly into the Packout. And every accessory for the router fits inside. The space is efficiency used. I can fit my 5ah battery inside and it will also fit an 8ah battery.

I'm very happy with my purchase. Before, all the accessories were swimming around in a larger box with more of my M18 tools.


Well made love it

Jeff Bloxham
Not Bad, Not Great, Functional.

The function of this insert works because you can take your palm router with all the necessary items with you. The insert needs to be an improvement over just tossing the router, bits and accessories into the box with no organization but it isn't perfect at that. It is good as the basic function is there.

All the accessories attached to the router with a finger screws/nut. To use the insert you have to remove them completely to store the router. One of the screws needs to be removed just to make it fit in the case so that just is. Not much you can do about that one, but the other that holds the dust boot can actually fit just fine after you trim a piece of the plastic frame off. It works, but now that frame is weaker. There are a million ways to now fix that if you could reprint the insert, but as a customer that isn't an option. I'll need to glue something on or live with it weaker.

I would give this back a start if a place was provided to now store these removed screws. All it would take is a hole somewhere in the plastic print that you could just thread these into. You are left to solve this yourself after buying an expensive piece of plastic. You will need to put these into a little bag or something so they don't end up in a hidden location, and you can't check to see if they are all there when in a little bag. Pretty easy quality of life fix for a V2 version and more than enough room to creat a solution for all the lille accessories. 10Tool better fix this as someone else can just do themselves tomorrow.