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Jonah Pope

Packout Insert For DeWalt Heat Gun - Jonah Pope Design (JP-DHG)

Packout Insert For DeWalt Heat Gun - Jonah Pope Design (JP-DHG)

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From the designer:

This is a custom insert that I have designed to fit your Milwaukee Packout to store your Dewalt Barrel Jigsaw and accompanying kit. It specifically fits the Milwaukee 48228435 PACKOUT Compact Organiser.

The specific Dewalt Heat Gun that this is designed for is model DCE530, link is provided here:

My design includes allowances for you to fit both the standard 18V batteries, or the 54V Flex Volt Batteries! As demonstrated in the photos, there is a removable tub. This tub can be used for parts storage or an 18V battery. This tub can then be lifted out if you'd like to fit one of the 54V Flex Volt Batteries instead.

These are large parts, so you may need to slice them up smaller to get them to fit on your printer. If you would like to see the size of each part, look at the last image above which is dimensioned. If you print the files that have been split already, I have included overlapping lips in the designs for each half where you can easily apply adhesive for a strong join.

We offer replacement packout latches with the names and brand logos printed on them.  The latches for this insert say DEWALT HEAT GUN.

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